Class 3B

St. Jane Frances de Chantal School 


                               Welcome to Mrs. Cucciuffo Class! / 3B


 Week of April 16, 2018   We will be dressing down for our regristration bronze medal on Tuesday, April 17. Please make sure the students have enough pages in their notebook to do their work especially spelling and math. Notebooks and theme paper are being sold for 2 dollars. They might need new art supplies too.  We are looking forward to our next event which is Hawk walk - we can't wait to hear back from all the letters we wrote. We are not at 100% class participation - so we are still looking for a few students to send some letters or have a parent donation of $10.  Hawk Walk is this Friday and will be a full day of school. They are to wear their Hawk walk t shirt or gym shirt and gym shorts. Please make sure permission slip and payment of 20 dollars is in as soon as possible for the field trip. Our trip is to the Da Vinci Science Center on April 27, Friday. They are to wear their gym uniform and have a brown bag lunch with their name on it. May 3 we will be having our annual May crowning with a special guest - the Bishop will be here to celebrate with us and you can come and celebrate with us too.  

Specials for 3B 

Monday: Computers   Tuesday: Art   Wednesday: Google, Gym, Music   Thursday:  Spanish   Friday:  Library  every other week 


What we are studying about this week: 

Religion  -  We studying about the Holy Spirit and Pentecost - chapter 18.- test Thursday April 19. .  

Social Studies  -   We are studying about Spanish, French, and English explorers. The students are working an explorer report due 4/18. They will have a take home test on Thursday April 19. 

Science -   

Math -We will be studying chapter 9 on shapes. 

Spelling -    Next list is on homophones  4/17. Then we will be studying soft c and g sound. 

English  - We are studying about main verbs and helping verbs and quotations  Test on Tuesday  April 17. Then we will be studying about pronouns. 

Reading  -   Unit 4 - weel 4 Hot Air Balloons - EQ: How are people able to fly?  skills: reread,  cause and effect, expository text, and multiple meaning words. Test on Thursday, April 19. 

Some websites we like to use: 





                                                          Homework for the week of April 9

**** Explorer project due 4/18, Reading Log #2 due 4/20, Spelling Activities 4/17  

Monday, April 16   -    long term assignments above, Spelling test, English test on helping verbs and quotations, math wkb pg 113

Tuesday, April 17 - long term assignments, math wkb 114

Wednesday, April 18- Reading log #2,  Religion Chapter 18 test,  math wkb pg 115, handwriting pg  62, reading test and vocabulary 

Thursday, April 19 - Reading log #2,  Social studies take home test 


Tuesday April 17-  spelling test , English test on helping verbs and quotations 

Thursday April 19 -Religion Test chapter 17,  take home Social Studies test, Reading test on story and vocabulary  

 Next Week: 

holding on spelling because of all the special events.  

Have a great week and any concerns email me at    Mrs. Cucciuffo 




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