Class 6B



Religion, Reading, Math 6-2, & Science



Important Dates

  • Monday, April 16 - Life Begins Seminar
  • Wednesday, April 18 - Mid-trimester progress reports 
  • Friday, April 20 - Hawk Walk
  • May 3 - Holy Mass to be celebrated by Bishop Schlert; May Crowning

Upcoming Tests, Quizzes, & Projects:


Final projects due Monday, 4/23


In the 3rd trimester, students will be responsible for completing reading, highlighting, and lesson exercises for homework.  I'd like to start using more classtime to build on what the students are reading about through labs and other hands-on projects.  I will not formally review the pages with the students, but will cover the topics during class discussions, group work, and lab applications.  It is important students are understanding what they are reading so they can be an active contributor in class discussions, apply chapter content to lab outcomes, and share the workload in group assigned classwork.  Please double check with your child that they are staying on top of their assigned readings and highlighting.


Math 6-2: 

We just began probability today in Chapter 8, Lesson 13 and are taking it slowly.  Tomorrow, we will continue to work on Lesson 13 discussing different types of events, followed by lesson 16 on Predictions & Probability, and finishing with lesson 14 on Compound Events. 

Statistics & Probability Test, Thursday, April 19th.


In the past, this has proven to be a difficult chapter for 6-2 students.  Please encourage your child to attend my after-school study sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays if they share they are struggling.  I have 6-1 students who offer their time and skills to help their peers.  We use the time to complete the daily homework and preview upcoming skills.  Students who have been attending enjoy coming and have really grown this year.  I'd ask that if your child is succeeding with this unit (an 85% or higher) that they not stay after for extra help.  I'd like to reserve the time for students who are truly struggling with the content.  Thank you for your cooperation.


 Chapter 19 Test, Wednesday, April 18th

MATH 6-1 -  





English Language Arts -  



Health -  Nutrition project due Friday, March 16th


New Birthday Policy 

Students may continue to bring a treat to share with the class when they celebrate a birthday.  However, students are no longer permitted to interrupt other classes to offer extra birthday treats.  In 6A there are 30 students, and in 6B there are 31 students. Please send only enough treats for your child's homeroom. Extra treats will be sent to the Teacher's Lounge or home with your child at the end of the day.  Please refrain from sending in items containing peanuts/peanut butter.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


We Are In Need Of:

-  Clorox/Lysol/Wet Ones Wipes

-  Tissues, tissues, and more tissues.  



Helpful Links


Online Religion quizzes, games, and study guides 

Progress In Mathematics: Instruction, Practice, and Enrichment

Hatchet audiobook

These Are the Books of the Bible!! song


Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. I am always here to help! 


Mrs. Pizzuto

(610) 253-8442 x30


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