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Welcome to Class 7B!

Mrs. Margie DiLollo

January 21, 2018

The Chapter 8 religion test is on Monday, 1/22/18.  I moved it due to snow and other tests the 7th grade had late last week.  The next chapter is actually a unit review, so no new information.  However, it is a review of the main terms and concepts since the beginning of the school year.  We will spend time in school making review notecards on quizlet, having a quiz game and doing the online review. I also have list of key terms and questions to guide their preparation.  I am aiming for the test on Feb. 1.  Now is also the time that students should be preparing their 2nd Trimester prayer memorization.  We have been working on the Memorare since about Thanksgiving time and pray it before class. It can be found on the inside cover of their religion book or daily planner.   I will be asking the students to individually recite it for me beginning Feb. 9.

Catholic Schools Week is next week!  This is a great week full of school pride.  Please see the schedule in the communication folder for each day's activities.  Also, please send in donations for the food drive (also in communication folder).  7B is asked to bring canned or jarred fruit, snack pack fruit, pudding, and juice boxes.  (7A is cooking oil, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, salt.)

Hawk Walk--Information was sent home this week explaining our annual Hawk Walk fundraiser.  I really want 7B to have 100% participation!  Please begin compiling your list of names, addresses and stamps and send them into school along with your child's shirt size.  They are due by 2/9 and letter writing day is 2/20. Last year was my first year seeing letter writing day up close, and it really made me understand the importance of addressing those address labels in advance!!  Just writing all of their letters and putting them into envelopes, using inner envelopes, and stamps is enough to make a 7th grader's head spin!  If you send in 15 names, your child will receive a NUT card.  

Donations of hand sanitizer, tissues and clorox wipes for the classrooms are always much appreciated, especially in this winter season.  I'm crossing my fingers and toes that we all stay healthy!

Please get your 2017-18 registration forms and deposits into school as soon as you can.  It's hard to believe, but these kiddos are registering for 8th grade already!  The school is having a competition to see which homerooms can send in their deposits and paperwork.  Those with 100% will receive prizes including free dress down days!


Upcoming Important Dates 

  • 1/28 Catholic Schools Week
  • 2/2 Early dismissal/teacher appreciation luncheon
  • 2/14 Ash Wednesday


Remind App Codes for 2017-18

Find your class and send the code/message to:81010

7B Homeroom: @e8dk827

7th Religion: @9294ea

7-1 Math: @71math201

7-2 Math: @72math20

7th Saxon Math: @7sa

8-1 Algebra: @81algebr

8-2 Math: @82math20

8th Saxon Math: @8sax




8-1 Honors Algebra I:  

We will begin chapter 6 this week, which continues using the factoring skills from chapter 5 in order to simplify algebraic fractions.  Please encourage your child to keep up with the homework, or go back over the homework from the night before if they have had trouble.  We go over it in class and the only way to improve their understanding is to keep practicing.  IXL skills AA7 and BB7 are due Wednesday 1/24.

Pre-Algebra 7-1 and 8-2

We've been solving problems using inequalities for the past week or so.  We will finish the chapter this week and also look at word problems.  IXL will also be assigned. 

7-2 Math 

The class has been workign hard to solve equations in two steps.  We'll continue this skill all year and it will keep coming up in 8th grade and high school as well.  A few students still need to show their work (they're doing it in their head) and mistakes are easy to make.  The chapter finsihes up this week with a look at inequalities and functions.  We will be looking at graphs by making a table showing the relationship between two quantities and then plotting points.  


** In an effort to make students more accountable for their homework, some quizzes will be open notebook homework quizzes.  I will reference a homework problem by page number and problem number, and students will open their notebook to the homework section and copy the problem, work, and answer.  We will have already checked the homework and it is up to the student to bring any concerns to class.  Homework quizzes should be easy 100%!!**


Classroom Rules

1.  Show respect for each other, our school, each other's property.

2.  Be prepared with supplies, homework, and a positive attitude!

3.  Pencils, pencils, pencils for math!  I will not grade work done in pen.  Save the pen for religion and other classes.






Have a Great Week!

Mrs. DiLollo






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