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  • Monday:  NUT day for Hawk Walk.  No uniforms, but we have gym.  Please be sure your child wears their sneakers. 
  • Wednesday:  Lbrary Books. 
  • Thursday:  Trip to DeSales.  All children must wear their gym uniforms.
  • SCHOLASTIC BOOK CODE:  HBWD3   May orders are due by April 23rd.  (Any child who orders a book, may go to our prize box.
  • Thursday, May 3rd:  Mass and May Procession
  • Friday, May 11th:  Kindergarten Prayer Service:  Parents, Grandparents, and younger siblings are invited.


April 20, 2018

We had an awesome day participating in the Hawk Walk! The children really enjoyed themselves.  Everyone was on their best behavior.  Thank you to all those who volunteered and helped to make this such a success! Through your generosity, our school raised $83,560!!!!

Here is what we did this week:

RELIGION:  Jesus is the light of the world.  We are called to share Jesus' love with others.  At Baptism we received Jesus' light withing us.

SECOND STEP:  Sometimes we want to talk to someone while they are talking to someone else.  It is important for us to practice ways to make a polite interruption.

MATH:  We are now describing measurable attributes of various objects.  This week we concentrated on capacity, height, and length.  With a partner, the children had to answer questions by choosing an object.  They had to explain why they chose the particular object for each question.  Each group explained their answers to me.  These kids sure had great explanations!P

Please continue to practice all subtraction facts through 5.  Here are the facts your child will need to know:  5-0=; 5-1=; 5-2=; 5-3=; 5-4=; 5-5=; 4-0=; 4-1=; 4-2=; 4-3=; 4-4=; 3-0=; 3-1=; 3-2=; 3-3=; 2-0=; 2-1=; 2-2=;1-0=;1-1=

LANGUAGE ARTS:   As you know, your child is now expected to know all the letters of the alphabet and their sounds.  Your child should also be able to read words containing short vowel sounds.  Some examples are:  that, pet, quit, rock, stuck.  The list of our sight words keeps growing.  Two more words to add:  has, play.  Next week's words are:  where, look.  It is for your child's benefit that I stress the importance of practicing all the words listed below.  I am hoping you are continuing to make new flash cards and practice all the words at least 3x's/week.  We have now been working on the long vowel sounds for a and i.  Next week we will be working with the long vowel sound for o

***** Small reading books are being sent home throughout the week.  It is extremely important that your child read the assigned story or stories and return the book the next day.  I only have a few copies of each and need to use them each day with various groups of children.  It is so important that you listen to your child read the books by themselves. Together, we are building the foundation for good readers, but your child depends on you to help them become better readers by reading with them at home. Please be sure to check the reading website for updated assignments.

The children are now writing better sentences on their own.  Please continue to encourage your child to write often.  Be sure your child is using a capital letter at the beginning, spaces between words, and an ending mark.  At this time, your child should be able to write at least a 4 word sentence.  Some children are now able to write 2-3 sentences about one subject.

Here is a list of all the words your child should know:

I, can, the, we, see, a, like, to, and, go, you, do, my, are, with, he,  is, little, was, she, for, have, of, they, said, want, here, me, this, what, help, too, has, play, where, look, red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, brown, black, zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, circle, rectangle, square, rectangle, diamond, oval.

We will now be learning how to read words containing the "long i" sound.  Please help your child to read the following words:

where  look cone  hole
 home  hope  mole  poke
 rose  go  no  so
 tote  joke  hose  vote


CENTERS:   iPads; Osmo; Writing; Listening; Word Work; ABC (ending sounds with stamps); Math (Spring  graph); Long I Art (kite); Monthly Art (Earth Day)

SOCIAL STUDIES:  We discussed ways in which we can act as good citizens and respect our Earth.

Student of the Week:  Emma

Have a great week! Looking forward to some nice weather.  When will we not need to wear a coat???

Mrs. Pacchioli




Did you know...Phonemic Awareness is done orally and without print.  Phonemic awareness is the knowledge that words are made up of individual sounds.  It is also the knowledge of how to manipulate these sounds through blending the sounds, rhyming, syllables, and segmenting the sounds. 

Phonics is the connection between sounds and letter symbols.  Children start by learning the individual sounds letters can make.  They progress toward looking for patterns within words and how combinations of letters produce various sounds.

Fluencyis a reader's ability to read with expression, accuracy, and speed.  Not only do readers need to be able to recognize and decode words, they must also understand the words as they are being read.

UNIFORMS:  All uniforms must by purchased from Flynn &O'Hara.

This is the Gym uniform which must be worn on all gym days. It may also be worn everyday during the specific times of the year.

  • Boys & Girls:  First day of school through October 14 and April 15 to the end of the school year:   green T-shirt with school logo, black mesh shorts with school logo, white socks, all white sneakers(including laces/velcro).
  • October 15 through April 14:  green T-shirt with school logo, grey sweatpants with school logo, white socks, all white sneakers(including laces/velcro).  Optional:  grey sweatshirt with school logo.
  • GIRLS:  May not wear nail polish or hoop/dangle earrings.  Options from first day of school through Oct.14 and April15 till the end of the school year:  Tan skort or shorts, green golf shirt with school logo, white socks, all white sneakers and laces/velcro.
  •  The following must be worn from October 15 through April 14, but may be worn at any other time during the year:   Plaid jumper, white Peter Pan collar long or short sleeve blouse; dark green knee socks/tights; black or brown leather-like non-skid dress shoes(heels no higher than one inch); dark green sweater is an option.  Option 2:  Tan pants, green golf shirt with school logo; brown, dark green, or tan socks; black or brown leather-like non-skid dress shoes(heels no higher than one inch).
  •  BOYS:  May be worn from the first day of school through October 14 and April 15 till the end of the school year: Tan shorts; green golf shirt with school logo; white socks; all white sneakers(including laces/velcro).
  •  The following must be worn from October 15 through April 14, but may be worn at any other time during the year: Tan dress pants; green golf shirt with school logo; brown, darkgreen, or tan socks; black or dark brown leather-like non-skid dress shoe.


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