IOWA Test Statistics

Iowa Test of Basic Skills Results

  • The ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) is a norm-referenced test that St. Jane School gives to students in grades 2-7.
  • This is a test where the scores are ranked in a manner that compares an individual’s scores with other scores in a group.
  • There is no passing grade.
  • Entrants are ranked in order. So, the percentile score is a ranking score.
  • A 50% means that an individual did as well as half of all individuals taking the test in that grade, nationwide. 

     Grade 2 scored higher than 94% of all grade 2’s nationwide.

     Grade 3 scored higher than 87% of all grade 3’s nationwide.

     Grade 4 scored higher than 98% of all grade 4’s nationwide.

     Grade 5 scored higher than 98% of all grade 5’s nationwide.

     Grade 6 scored higher than 96% of all grade 6’s nationwide.

     Grade 7 scored higher than 95% of all grade 7’s nationwide.

St. Jane ITBS Rankings 2010

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