St. Jane Frances De Chantal has been providing our daughter Patricia with a great education and strong Catholic values. We are very pleased with her academic, spiritual and emotional development and attribute much of this through the hard work and dedication of the faculty and staff. We are thrilled to have Dr. Ingenito as our new principal and appreciate his professionalism, personality and leadership. Change is ever present and provides an opportunity for reflection, renewal, and discovery. We look forward to many great years ahead!

Brad & Suzanne Superka




At first, we only planned to have our kids attend St. Jane’s for their fantastic pre-school program. We were slowly pulled into a feeling of comfort at the school and now have no doubt this is where our kids belong. There is a sense of family and belonging like no other, and the teaching staff gives me full confidence that my kids are not only learning, but also being truly cared for in all regards. Thank you St. Jane’s!

Staci Burgess, Cory 4th Grade, Lina, Kindergarten




Thank you so much for the overwhelming response to the Marines. The generosity of the St. Jane's school family is incredible. My children, Molly (4A) and Jack (1A) are so excited that we can send so many boxes. My brother, Matt Koegler, is a 1st Lt. on the USS New Orleans and the other Marines are the Marines under his command. My siblings and I are all St. Jane's alumni and we are very touched by the outpouring........

Mary Rea




At a time when many people only see the physical and superficial characteristics of a school, we believeit is the instilled morals and values within the education that will define aperson. We believe it’s the character qualities such as respect ofothers, responsibility, accountability, trustworthiness and compassion alongwith a strong faith that are the true cornerstones for generating a qualityhuman being.

I learned these qualities growing up in a Catholic school education at St. Jane Frances deChantal School and believe St. Jane's still continues to foster this same faith-basedculture.

The hardworking and talentedteachers at St. Jane’s are caring role models. They could work anywhere they choose and they pick St. Jane's becausethey believe the same as us: St. Jane’sis a good foundation for character development.

As most parents, we wantthe very best education, social experience and spiritual guidance for our son andour choice was easy....St. Jane’s school.

The Lomax Family – Chris, Kris and Dane
Kristina (O’Hay) Lomax –St. Jane’s Class of 1981



As parents we always wonder if we are making the right choices for our daughter. Choosing St. Jane's is one of the best choices we've ever made. No regrets, not a single one!

Randy and Julia Fortner




Our sixth grade son recently struggled with an emotional issue that caused him great anxiety at school. During this time, the school counselor and sixth grade team showed great compassion, teaching our son the meaning of caring and support. They immediately set up an action plan, implemented it, and, perhaps most impressively—they PRAYED for him. The result…success! Not only did they empower him to overcome his struggle, but they also provided great comfort to us, his parents, by keeping us involved and informed at all times. We feel grateful and blessed to have our sons at St. Jane’s.

We have four boys at St. Jane’s, the oldest being in sixth grade and the youngest in first. They have all been here since Kindergarten--three of them since preschool. Our sons are not what you would think of as the traditional “catholic school student”, yet, every teacher we have ever encountered at St. Jane’s has been more than willing to work with us to help our boys succeed. Their willingness to adapt to the needs of each student, and differentiate instruction as necessary, has made it possible for our boys to learn and grow as students. Moreover, the underlying current of Catholic values--as lived out by the teachers and staff at St. Jane’s--assures our sons that they are loved and cared for as children of God. This important distinction encourages our boys to learn and grow not only as students, but as people.

Because of the meaningful intervention, support, and positive attitude of his fourth grade teacher, our son is a different person…in a good way! This boy who has always struggled with attention challenges is happy to do homework, study, and go to school. He is excited about learning and recently described himself (in a poem) as someone who “has talent in sports and in school.” It is amazing what a change in self esteem can do! His good grades reflect not only his hard work, but his teacher’s extra effort and commitment. And we, his parents, are not only grateful…we’re thrilled!

Last year, when our son was in fourth grade, the teacher reached out to us by email as he was having some issues with motivation and organization. She wanted to find out our thoughts on what might help him succeed in the classroom. I really appreciated this email, so much so that it became a regular correspondence, with us working together to help my son throughout the year. What I loved about her emails, besides her obvious care and devotion, was that she would tell me about the good things that my son was doing--for example, about a time he showed compassion to a student in need. Knowing that she saw my son as a whole person made me confident that she was doing the very best for him. He wound up having a very successful year thanks to her care and intervention.

The Fifth grade team really knows how to bring learning to life! It seems that at all times an exciting learning project is in full swing! We love the fact that students are developing ideas, collaborating in groups, and practicing communication and public speaking. Popular projects like the “wax museum”, “vocabulary parade”, and “colonial days” not only bring learning to life, but also encourage students to develop their creative minds and think outside of the box. Bravo!

We love, love, love the fact that our students are learning the keyboard and how to type in computers! My sixth grader can already type as fast as I can. Probably one of the most important skills you can have in this culture of technology!

Michael and Donnalee Carroll



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