Volunteer Opportunities

St. Jane School Parade

Thank you to all our volunteers for their dedication and support of St. Jane School!


Volunteers Needed: If interested in volunteering, contact the school office at 610-253-8442 or secretary@stjaneschool.com. Thank you for volunteering. 


Service Opportunities:

Membership/ Hospitality Committee: This committee encourages and solicits enrollment of new members.  This committee extends cordiality to each new member and contacts new families enrolling in our school during the school year.

Marathon Committee:  This committee attends all Central Committee meetings, organizes school assemblies, obtains incentive gifts for the children, and organizes workers for the Marathon Day.

Refreshment Committee:  This committee orders and maintains kitchen supplies of the Association and provides refreshments for all regular meetings of the Association.

Room Parent Committee:  This committee serves the children on appointed days and assists with various projects throughout the school year. 

Lunch Monitors Committee:  This committee recruits and schedules volunteers to monitor the children during the lunch in the school

Spaghetti Dinner Committee: This committee solicits donations, organizes, staffs, prepares and runs the Home and School Association Spaghetti Dinner.

Ways and Means Committee:  This committee shall choose a substantial number of coworkers to assist.  This committee catalogs fund raising events for the Home and School Association.

Middle States Fund Committee:  This committee arranges fund raisers (Bake Sale and Pretzel Sale) for the direct benefit of the Middle States Fund,

Publicity Committee: This committee obtains pertinent data regarding the events of the Association and presents it to local newspapers following each Home and School meeting. 

Field Day Committee: This committee plans the events and activities at a park on Field Day for the student body.

Special Events Committee:  This committee researches, plans and executes any fundraiser (Presidential, White Elephant Bingo) for the Home and School Association.

Family Directory Committee:  This committee prepares the annual Family Directory.

Decorating Committee: This committee decorates the front window and hallway of the buildings.

Santa Shop Committee:  This committee organizes and operates the annual Christmas shopping experience for the students.

Used Uniform Committee:  This committee organizes, plans and operates the Used Uniform Sale.

Armata Bianca Committee:  This committee organizes, plans and operates the Children’s Prayer Group.

Health Room Committee: This committee organizes, plans and assists with the school nurse office.

Alternative Resource Committee:  This committee organizes, plans and operates the box top, Tyson and other reward programs benefiting the school.

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