Class 1A- Mrs. Mitcheltree

September 25-29, 2023

Important Dates:

  • Thursday, October 5- Picture Day
  • Monday, October 9- No School
  • Wednesday, October 11- Middle of first trimester- progress reports emailed to parents
  • Friday, October 13- Living Rosary 8:15
  • Friday, October 20- 12:00 Dismissal
  • Monday- Tuesday, October 23-24- Parent-Teacher Conferences



Chapter 4: 

God our Father is Holy:  We will explain that God is the all-Holy One, name ways that we show reverence in God’s presence.  

The Church is a Holy Place:  We will describe how Jesus is present in the church building in a special way, identify some of the holy object in a Catholic church building and understand their purpose. 

We Visit God’s House:  We will identify the church furnishings discussed in the previous lesson, identify ways of showing reverence in church, respond to God’s presence in prayer. 

We Visit God’s House con’t:  We will identify church furnishing discussed at Saint Jane Frances de Chantal church by taking a video tour, reflect on the religious experience of their church visit, express their concept of the sacredness of the church building.

Demonstrate and understanding of the key concepts in this Chapter



Weekly Concept: Our Pets

Essential Question: What makes your pet special?

Writing- draw evidence from fantasy text; write narrative text; conduct short research what makes our pets special. 

Speaking and Listening- engage in collaborative conversation about pets; retell and discuss A Pig for Cliff; present information on what makes our pets special. 

Content Knowledge- explore what pets need to survive

Language and Development- conventions (use statements); vocabulary acquisition (develop oral vocabulary care, companion, train, popular, groom), use context clues to understand unknown words

Foundational Skills- Beginning consonant blends: l-blends; -s in plural nouns; spelling (clip, flip, slip, flag, black, plan, glass, place); HFW (be, come, good, pull); appropriate phrasing; apply foundational skills in connected text. 

Reading Groups:

Handwriting: Ll


Lessons:  Lessons 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, CYP Lessons 2.1-2.7

We will be working on how to identify related facts to sums of 6, add numbers with sums of 6 or less in horizontal and vertical form, add numbers with sums of 7,8,9,10,11, and 12 in horizontal and vertical form, explore the concept of addition as a whole being the sum of its parts, and demonstrate progress with the objectives of Lessons 2.1-2.7.


Homework (subject to change):

Monday:  Math- pages 18 / Spelling- worksheet

Tuesday:  Math- page 19 / Spelling worksheet

Wednesday:  Math- page 20 / Spelling- worksheet/ Test Folder

Thursday:  Math- page 21/ Spelling- study for test

*We bounce around in our books. If you notice that a page is not done in your child’s book or packet, PLEASE DO NOT have your child complete it! There is a reason why it is not completed. 

Specials Schedule:

Monday-  Music

Tuesday-  Gym

Wednesday-  Spanish and Library




Thank you so much for your generous gifts to our classroom. My heart is exploding with gratitude.