Class 1A- Mrs. Mitcheltree

February 6-10, 2023

Dates to Remember:

  • Return stamps and address labels for Hawk Walk
  • Tuesday, February 14- Valentine’s Day Party (we will make our “mailboxes” in the classroom)
  • Monday, February 20- No School
  • Wednesday, February 22- Ash Wednesday- Mass 8:15

What we will be learning this week in our classroom:



Chapter 14:  Explain that their expressions of concern and care for others are signs of Jesus’ presence, identify ways to help others as Jesus did, experience joy in doing something for someone else, demonstrate an understanding  of the key concepts in this chapter.

Chapter 15:  Explain that love for God is the top priority of human life, explain that God  desires our love, identify ways to show love for God.


Unit 4 Week 2

Animals Together

Essential Question: How do animals help each other?

Close Reading of Complex Text: cite relevant evidence from text; Determine main idea and key details; retell the text

Speaking and Listening: engage in collaborative conversation about animals together; retell and discuss A Team of Fish.

Language Development: conventions- use has and have;  Develop oral vocabulary- behavior, beneficial, dominant, instinct, endangered; Acquire and use academic vocabulary- partner and danger; use sentence clues to understand unknown words

Foundational Skills: phonics- long e:  ee, ie; prefixes re-, un-, pre;  spelling-me, feed, seat, we, keep, beak, play, rain, because, other; high frequency words- because, blue, into, or, other, small


Identify concepts of whole, equal parts, and various fractions (Equal Parts, One Half ½, One Third ⅓, One Fourth ¼).




Monday:  Math- worksheet / Spelling- page 82

Tuesday:  Math- page 164/ Spelling- page 83

Wednesday:  Math- page 165 / Spelling- page 84 / Test Folder

Thursday:  Spelling- study for test / Reading- read book in folder / Math- page 166

Our Specials Schedule for the year:

Monday- None

Tuesday- Library and Computers

Wednesday- Spanish, Gym, and Art

Thursday- None

Friday- Music