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Welcome to Class 2B 2023-2024!!

If you weren’t able to join us at Back to School Night, here is the link to the slideshow I presented:

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This Week’s spelling & vocab words: unit5week42023 (1)

Monday, April 15: Math p. 142; Spelling worksheet & write words in cursive, write name in cursive
Tuesday, April 16: Math p. 143; Spelling workseet & write words in cursive, write name in cursive
Wednesday, April 17: Math p. 144, write spelling words in sentences and in cursive 2 times each, write name in cursive, Study for Unit 4 Religion Test by playing Stump the Shepard game for Unit 4 and/or the chapter games for the chapers in Unit 4 (link below in tests section)
Thursday, April 18: Math p. 145/146, write name in cursive, write spelling words in print & cursive 2 times each and study for test
Friday, Apri 19:  Go to Mass!!


Upcoming Tests:

Reading Tests This Week: Grammar, Reading Skills, and 2 fresh read tests

Spelling Test: Friday 4/19

Math Test on Measurement will be on Friday, May 3rd (subject to change!)

Religion: Unit 4 Test on Thursday 4/18

What Are We Learning? Ask your child to tell you about..

Religion: Chapter 22 We Share God’s Love with Others

TSWBAT explain that Mass ends with Jesus’s call to love and serve him, explain that God can help us make the best of difficult circumstances, relate the life story of Saint Martin de Porres, discuss ways to overcome obstacles to glorifying the Lord our lives, have a good grasp of Chapters 15-22 on the Mass and Holy Communion

Math: Chapter 11 Measurement this week is inches, half inches, feet, yards, cups, pints, quarts, gallons, ounces, pounds

Reading: Unit 5, What do Good Citizens Do?

Unit 5 Week 4

Essential Question: What Do Good Citizens Do?

Close Reading of Complex Text: Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of key details in a text, describe how characters respond to challenges, and describe a story’s structure.

Writing: Write about a president.

Speaking and Listening: Engage in collaborative discussions about good citizenship.

Content Knowledge: See how people can be good citizens.

Language Development

  Conventions:  Use contractions and possessive pronouns.

  Develop Oral Vocabulary: calm, concern, exhausted, offered, treat

  Acquire and Use Academic Vocabulary: champion, determined, issues, promises, responsibility, right, volunteered, votes                                                              

Foundational Skills: 

  Phonics: Introduce and blend words with variant vowel /ô/

  Spelling: ball, small, paw, jaw, pause, sauce, taught, chalk, walk, sought, new, fruit, city, own, read.

  High Frequency Words: city, father, mother, o’clock, own, questions, read, searching, sure, though.

  Fluency:  Intonation

We are using Word Books to help the students learn sight words and vocabulary words to use in their writing. Each student has their own copy that they keep in their desks. Many words are already in the book, but there is also ample room to write any additional words they would like to use in any writing they do, from journal entries, to writing assignments, and even on tests! The goal is to increase their personal lexicons to give them the confidence and tools to go further in their writing with each new writing endeavor.

Handwriting: We have officially finished learning all the uppercase and lowercase letters in cursive!!! Everyone is doing great and working very hard!! I tell the kids everyday I am NOT looking for perfection, but I am requiring effort!! We now have a new additional homework assignment daily, as is appropriate for half way through 2nd grade, and for the practicing their cursive, part of their spelling homework every day will be to write each spelling word 2 times each in cursive on a special worksheet, in addition to completing the usual spelling homework.

Spelling/Phonics: Variant vowels. Homework has increased each day to include the usual spelling homework in addition to writing the spelling words in cursive 2 times each, to help prepare them for the spelling tests. Spelling tests will now also include writing the words in print and in cursive, though they will only be graded on the print spelling for now, I will be using the spelling tests also as a handwriting grade!

Grammar: Pronoun and verb agreement, capitalizing proper nouns

Science: weather, climate, topography, animals and plants of countries around the world! This week & next week: learning all about farms and farming.

Social Studies: This week and next week: learning all about the US government, civics, elections, and our past and current presidents.

Note: Science/Social Studies often relate to themes in our Wonders language arts curriculum, except for the occassional lessons/projects relating to holidays or local/national/world history/events, and I love to get in hands on science projects when our schedule allows just for fun!!


Supplies: We could use more tissues, and paper towels, and sharpened pencils please!!! 

Amazon Wishlist link:


Monday: Gym


Wednesday: Library

Thursdays: Spanish & Art

Fridays: Music


Please send a cloth napkin or tea towel to cover your child’s desk at snack and lunch time.  Snack should be limited to 1 item that your child is able to open without assistance.  


We will be eating lunch in the cafeteria.


Please send in a written note if your child will be dismissed differently than indicated the first week of school.

Extended Care:

Please see the school website for more information. 

Zoom Link:


[email protected]

Please reach out to me for any reason or concern! I am praying for a safe and healthy year!  

Yours in Christ,

Mrs. Zawarski



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