Class 4A

          Welcome to Mrs. Schroeder’s 4A Class!

Here is the projected schedule for the week.  I emphasize projected...I cannot anticipate interruptions or the flow of the class.  If they aren’t ready to proceed towards quizzes…I will inform you via Remind.

4th Grade Schedule Week of 2/12

Specials Mon 2/12 Tues. 2/13 Wed. 2/14 Thurs. 2/15 Friday 2/16
Gym 9:50 Religion: Workbook Quiz Ch 14 & 15 (may use notes) Religion: St. Valentine video Religion: Ash Wednesday Mass 8:15

HW: wksht

Religion: The Liturgical Calendar  Mass
Library: 8:30 Math: Review Day 1: Text pg 320

HW: Study Guide wkshts

Math: Review Day 2: Text pg 322

HW: Optional Practice Problems

Math: Test Chapter 9 Math: Reading and Writing Decimals to the hundredths

Text pg 413 & wkbk pg 153

HW: wksht

Math: Decimals greater than one

Text pg 415 & wkbk pg 154

Music: 9:50

Art: 11:50

Spelling:wkbk pg 115  and 3x each

English: Study Guide for Test

Spelling:wkbk pgs 116-117

English: Verbs Part 2 Test

Spelling wkbk pgs 118-119

English: Progressive Tenses

Text pg 433 & wkbk pg 79-80

Spelling Pretest

English: Present Perfect Tense

Text pg 435

Hw: wkbk pg 81

Spelling Test

English: Past Perfect

Text pg 437 & wkbk pg 82+

Spanish 9:50 Reading: Vocab Instruction workshop text pgs 278-279; wkbk pg 181& 188; read text pgs 281-283 Reading:Cause & Effect practice wkbk pg 183-185

Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Reading: Elements of Expository Text Read Anthology text pgs 337-349 Reading: Elements of Myths; read anthology text pgs 352-355: Reading Shared Reading: Stargazing
SS: All About the Western Region

HW: worksheet

All About California Science Lesson 4: STEM Project; building a satellite Science: STEM Project: building a satellite



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Monday: Gym

Tuesday: Library

Wed: Art and Music

Thurs: Spanish




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God Bless and thank you for your support!

Mrs. Schroeder