Class 4A

          Welcome to Mrs. Schroeder’s 4A Class!

Here is the projected schedule for the week.  I emphasize projected...I cannot anticipate interruptions or the flow of the class.  If they aren’t ready to proceed towards quizzes…I will inform you via Remind.


4th Grade Schedule Week of Sept. 11

  Monday 9/11 Tuesday 9/12 Wed. 9/13 Thurs. 9/14 Friday 9/15 
Religion Review of Chapter 1: website online review, and worksheet Quiz Chapter 1…may use books Chapter 2: God Speaks to Us in Scripture

Wkbk pgs 11-16

Chapter 2: God Speaks to Us in Scripture

Wkbk pgs 11-16


***Tricky Tray

Math Quiz: Comparing & Ordering Numbers; Rounding Adding & Subtracting Money

Text pg 83


Adding & Subtracting Whole Numbers

Text pg 85

Adding & Subtracting Whole Numbers Review of Addition and Subtraction

Text pg 90

Quiz Monday


Paired Read for the week:

The Dream Team (A)

Rosa’s Garden (L)

Saving Grasshopper


Wonders: Experts Incorporated

First Read text pgs 33-41

Vocab intro.

Skill: Problem and Solution

Wonders: Experts Incorporated

2nd Read text pgs 33-41

Vocab Review

Skill: Sequencing

Wonders Workshop:

The Talent Show Text pgs 37-39

Vocab Review

Skill: Idioms

Wonders: Speak Out to Stop Bullying

Text pgs 45-47

Vocab Review

Skill: Outlining Info Text

Weekly Assessment Unit 1 Week 2

“One Act of Kindness’ (part 1)

“ Swing and a…” (part 2)

SS PA State Flag PA State Seal    
Science What are mammals? What are birds?  




Subjects and Predicates

Text pg

HW: wkbk pg 6

Simple Subjects

Text pg

HW: wkbk pg 7

Simple Predicates

Text pg and wkbk pg 8

Diagramming subjects and predicates Review Day for Test Monday…use study guide



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New This Year!  The school will be implementing a working snack policy which means students will have a small snack and drink at their desks while working.  Please pack a small snack like a pretzel snack bag, or apples, something healthy without too much sugar, drink boxes or small plastic drink bottle…nothing messy…leave that for the lunchroom please and thank you.



Monday: Gym

Tuesday: Library

Wed: Art

Thurs: Spanish

Friday: Music


Mrs. Schroeder’s Zoom Room information:

#594 613 5039    password class4a


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Here is the Religion website link we will be using this year:

This is a highly recommended way to review!


God Bless and thank you for your support!

Mrs. Schroeder