Class 5A with Mrs. James

What makes an effective leader?    Closed -- Presidents' Day | Kirtland Public Library

    When thinking of what makes an effective leader, these are some things that come to my mind:  personal drive, attentiveness, organization, commitment, reliability, and interpersonal skills.  Even if someone is not blessed with an innate ability in a particular subject matter, having these qualities can allow them to overcome that seeming deficit.  In fifth grade we try to help our students develop the above skills through managing workload and projects, thereby improving their time management, physical management, communication, cooperation, and self confidence skills. Let us try to always model these characteristics of success as our children learn best by what they witness.     

     We are moving through Math Chapter 5, Adding and Subtracting Fractions,  As always, each skill in math leads to the next, never the prior to be forgotten.  Short quiz checks will be done to test our knowledge and facility with these daily skills. 

     Although the Communion Rite is part of the Liturgy of the Eucharist, our book breaks it out in a separate Chapter 10 which we will begin on Tuesday.  Also in class, we are working on Stations of the Cross projects. Each of our 15 students was assigned a unique station to reflect upon as we travel through the introspective season of Lent leading to the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ.

     Barometer projects have been assigned in science and are due in class the last day of Trimester 2, March 4th.  All details can be found in Google Classroom. Please check in with your child to make sure they are on track with completing this fun and interactive meteorology project.  It requires 5-7 days of consecutive data collection at three times per day.  Please communicate to me proactively via email if there is a conflict which impedes this process. Your assistance is appreciated.

     So far, everyone seems to be enjoying our novel study for reading.  The crazy antics of this group of children is quite entertaining!  For the next two weeks, our current writing project will occupy a majority of the LA periods as it is an actual essay guided by an outline.  I can’t wait to read their finished products!

     Lastly, this Wednesday we are fortunate to enjoy a trip to experience the Allentown Symphony.  The Lehigh Valley is quite a vibrant place with a plethora of cultural, sporting, outdoor, religious, art and more opportunities!  We are truly blessed.

     Have a wonderful week.     


411 Snowflake Clipart Stock Photos - Free & Royalty-Free ...FID (flexible instruction day) Instructions411 Snowflake Clipart Stock Photos - Free & Royalty-Free ...

     (1/18/2024) As previously communicated, 5th grade students are expected to complete the FID #1 packet for the first FID called. (A folder containing packets # 1, 2 was previously sent home.) Each packet contains relevant/review work in each core subject and 1 packet per FID day is expected to be completed and returned for a grade within 48 hours of being assigned.  (Please see Mrs. Okula’s overall communication regarding specifics related to attendance, etc..)  Mrs. James will be available for questions via email from 11:00 – 12:00 on the specified FID. — Stay warm and safe. Have a blessed day!

Specials and recess: (pre lunch or post lunch)

Monday – recess following lunch

Tuesday – physical education (pre)

Wednesday – library every week (pre) and Spanish (post)

Thursday – art class (pre); recess following lunch

Friday – music (post); recess following lunch

Reference Info:

I. AFTER SCHOOL HELP – I will be available on Wednesdays beginning 9/13* to provide extra help should your child be interested.  Please be sure to coordinate transportation home for 3:15 and send a note stating your intentions. *On Wedneday choir practice weeks, I will be available on Thursdays instead of Wednesdays.

II. MATH FACTS: Remember to practice those math facts, especially multiplication facts, AKA skip counting! Sure, maybe you can skip count by 2, 3, 5, 10, 11, but challenge yourself to master another set.  Mrs. B has some great links on her teacher page, or you can simply google your own sites for catchy songs to help you.  Knowing these like you know your name will make your math life SO much easier, enjoyable, and FUN.  You can doit! I believe in you.  Also, I have a special manipulative to help you learn them…   come and see…  

III. HSA – Please sign up for the RaiseRight App. to purchase ONLINE gift cards only; Raise Right gift card code: YP8373HHBSKQ                ALL physical gift cards should be purchased through the school or church as done in the past. We are only using the app for digital purchase. Join the RaiseRight Facebook page and website ( – special discounts are announced often! For questions or concerns, please contact Stacie Behme ([email protected]m or 908.627.4411). Please DO NOT contact the main office, Mrs. Okula, or church. 

IV. Teachers are asked to create an Amazon wish list as a replacement for the Caring for Classrooms donation avenue. Thank you to all who have already generously sent in supplies and special items to start the year off and to those who will consider gifting items from our new wishlist!  I truly appreciate your generosity. (Please check back periodically as our classroom needs are continually evolving.) You can search Amazon wishlists by class5A@St. Jane, my name, or click the link below.  Thank you.

V. The Remind group code for 5A is @kg9gb4h  Handy for quick communication.

Please utilize email for more serious communications. Download Remind from the App Store or Google Play to your phones or mobile devices. There is no limit to the number of devices that may join. Once you download the app, click Join a Class.  

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