Class 5B

May all our actions, words, thoughts, and spirit be centered in God, on God, and for God! Let us keep our passions well-disciplined and our spirit pure and faithful. Fidelity to our way of life will help us keep our thoughts centered on God. Then our words will be an inspiration to family, friends, and acquaintances.                                 

 -Saint Jane Frances de Chantal


Welcome to 5B with Mrs. B.

We would appreciate donations of disinfecting wipes as we are completely without and prefer using these to wipe down desks after sharing our seats with the other class and we will need to clean desks completely before the end of year.  In addition, we are completely out of paper towels. Tissues we are on our last box from the book reports so one or two would be nice since the previous class had left tissues in the room for us this year. Thank you so much for all the donations throughout the year and for helping us to end the year strong.  Thank you all.

Please return the folder sent home for Flexible Instruction Days with the unused packets of work.  Thank you.


Please continue to look here throughout the school year for weekly postings of what topics we are currently working on in class, upcoming tests, projects, and information I think you may find useful.


  • Use Google Classroom to check the days Homework or compare it to the homework your child is writing down.


  • How to navigate the Google Classroom:  Use your child’s google email and password located inside cover of their green ten pocket folder to access their account. I do not use the opening ‘Stream’ page so just click on the ‘Classwork’ page.  Here you will find a few items listed at the top of the page that students may need or find helpful when at home. There is also a list of dates; each contains the subcategory ‘morning work’ which is where students go to copy their homework each morning.  There may be additional subjects listed under each date if students were given notes or an assignment through the Google Classroom during school, or if your child was absent, this is where they can find all the activities and assignments they missed throughout the day as well as photos of the worksheets or book pages used in case they are ready to do some work at home and do not have their books with them.


  • Do periodic checks on the inside cover of your child’s HW book to see if there are any missing homework assignments needing your signature.


  • Follow your child’s grades as well as any missing assignments on FACTS SIS.


  • If you need to reach me please feel free to email me at [email protected].  If your message is time sensitive, please call the office (610) 253-8442 as emails are often read after the end of the school day.


May 20 – 23

Wow! This weather, surely summer is almost here.  Students should be finishing up finding all the definitions, information, and examples they need to complete their study guides.  I have been encouraging the class to use their study skills to prepare for the final exams such as creating google slides, index cards, or using an online program such as flippity to make flash cards.  

Extra Help –   There will be extra help Tuesday, May 21, and 28  students should pack a snack and have a note for permission stating how they should be dismissed at 3 pm (parent pickup or aftercare).

All work and dates are subject to change.

Religion:   The test for Chapter 17, God Calls Us to Be Holy is Tuesday 5/21.  We will also try to put aside enough time to complete two assigned terms on the Religion Study Guide each day in class.  If students do not complete these terms in class it is their responsibility to complete them for homework.

Math:  The class will then review some mental math, problem solving, and working with decimals. 

The final exam for problem solving is Thursday, 5/23.

Reading:  We will continue to review the vocabulary words with the Vocabulary A-Z worksheets and I have assigned the online activities for the students use for review on their own time. The current vocabulary words and story are also posted in the Google Classroom for reference, we are currently working out of the Wonders Series with a story called, Exploding Ants.  Students do each have their own copy and will be working on writing a detailed summary, citing text evidence to support their work.  The test for the vocabulary and comprehension of the story is scheduled for Wednesday 5/22.  The Reading Final on Thursday 5/30 will be a grouping of various short paragraphs and multiple choice questions for comprehension. 

Language Arts:

Spelling – Only the first five words are included on the Spelling Study Guide.  The final exam is Thursday 5/23

Grammar – Students should have a six inch ruler and a red pen in their pencil case for our work on sentence diagramming. 

Writing – Students will be using the current reading story Exploding Ants to organize and produce a detailed summary of the story.

Social Studies 5A & 5B: We will no longer take a test on Liberty Kids but will view the series by skipping ahead to specific episodes to support our Battle Book creation for the Revolutionary War.  Students worked in pairs last week to learn about one particular battle during the Revolutionary War and summarized the details to be placed into a mini book.  Students will view a few more related Liberty Kids episodes while I review and organize all the information given to me to create the book.  The groups will each present their battle to the class and discuss its significance to the overall War.  Students have each been given their own copy of the mini Battle Book to assist them in studying for the final exam as well as their Study Guide.  Students should now have their study guide complete and should be deciding on how they will continue to study the information.  Students will be given time in class each day to work on creating google slides, index cards, or an online program such as flippity so that they may quiz themself on the material. 

Please be sure your child has working headphones or earbuds for school as we often need to work independently on the chrome books. 

Science: See Mrs. James’ teacher page for Science information.


Quizzes & Tests This Week


Tuesday   Religion


Thursday   Final Exams: Problem Solving & Spelling



Specials and Recess:

Monday:  Music & Recess

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Library  & Gym

Thursday: Spanish & Recess

Friday: Recess


Important Dates:

May 23 Thursday – Final Exams (Spelling & Problem Solving)

May 24 Friday – School Closed, optional holiday

May 27 Monday – School Closed, Memorial Day

May 29 Wednesday – Final Exams (Religion & Math)

May 30 Thursday – Final Exams (Reading & Social Studies)

May 31 Friday – Final Exams (Grammar & Science)

June 3 Monday – Field Day

June 4 Tuesday – Noon Dismissal

June 5 Wednesday – Noon Dismissal

June 6 Thursday – Last Day of School – Mass 8:15 and 10 am dismissal





Helpful Sites:

All passwords created for students can be found taped to the inside cover of their green ten pocket folder in case needed.




Once on the site, click on Parents and then Grade Five.  There you will be able to find the chapter we are working on.



Progress in Mathematics

one of the many study aids in Progress in Mathematics are flash cards at the bottom of Chapter 1 

Click Here for a quick link to multiplication flash cards – choose multiplication then choose a number or all facts


Here are just a few of the skip counting songs available on  I recommend choosing one number and learning it well before moving on to another song.

skip counting by three

skip counting by four

skip counting by six

skip counting by seven

skip counting by eight

skip counting by nine

skip counting by twelve skills are typically worked on in class to a Smart Score of 80.  Students may take advantage of this website to continue working to a Smart Score of 80 or more.



Language Arts: skills are typically worked on in class to a Smart Score of 80.  Students may take advantage of this website to continue working to a Smart Score of 80 or more.


*More parent information can be found online at


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Wish List Class 5B

Each year teachers are asked to create and share a wish list of items for their classroom.  I have compiled a list of items I purchase each year or hope to purchase in the near future.  I thank all who have gifted items from my wish list in the past and appreciate each of you who take the time and consideration to view my wish list items.    Amazon wish list class 5B  Thank you!

As always, your donations of tissues, hand sanitizer, and paper towels throughout the school year are greatly appreciated.



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