Class 6A

Mrs. Scaglione Class 6A: 

Math 6-1(fast-paced) & 6-2, ELA, Religion, Social Studies 

Specials Schedule:

Monday – Gym 

Tuesday – Art  & Library (library is 9/26)

Wednesday – Music

Thursday – Spanish

Friday – Health

Things to know:

Picture Day is Thursday, 10/5

Grandparent’s Day Friday 10/13 mass at 8:15 A.M.

Online Scholastic Book Orders due 10/11/2023

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A reminder to please check FACTS to stay up-to-date on grades.  In addition, check your child’s planners daily for special notes.  I like to write positive notes to you and your child occasionally.  I may also write in the planner if a your child was missing an assignment.  I do check planners, so feel free to jot me a hello too.  :0)
Please join my Remind App for my class 6A and 6B students. 
6A class code is @4ckd7a 
6B class code is @b3ae44
Seat Sacks can be purchased from Mrs. Boventre by sending in $10.00. I recommend that each child have a seat sack to stay organized, as the desks do not hold all of the materials.
This week’s homework: Please be aware, it may change as needed to meet the children’s needs.
Religion – WS 8 What Does the Bible Say, Pray, Ch. 2 Test Thursday
ELA – Study notes on subjects, subjects as complements, direct objects
Math 6-2 p. 39 #3-11 odd #s and #12  LCM & GCF IXL due Tuesday, Test Wed.
Math 6-1 p. 39 #3-11 odd #s and #12  LCM & GCF IXL due Tuesday, Test Wed.
Social Studies – Reread p. 2-3, graded map reading assignment in class Thurs.
Tuesday – Library today
Religion – p. 18, Pray, test Thurs.
ELA – Library today! 
Math 6-2 – WS Reteach GCF & LCM to study for test Wed. – We’ll go over these
                     before the test
Math 6-1 – WB p. 42, Test Wed.; We will go over these before the test
Social Studies -Reread p. 4-5, graded map reading assignment in class Thurs.
Religion – Pray & Study for test 
ELA – WB. p. 8 
Math 6-2 – Test
Math 6-1 – Test
Social Studies – Reread p. 6-7, graded map reading assignment in class Thurs.
Religion – Ch. 2 Test 
ELA – Study notes on subjects, subject complements, direct objects, indirect
Math 6-2 – Review notes on LCM
Math 6-1 – WB p. 50 #1-7
Social Studies – graded map reading assignment in class Thurs.; finish definitions in copy book if not completed in class — archeologist, history, prehistory, geography, oral tradition
Religion – Pray
ELA/Writing Workshop – review notes & videos subjects, subject complements,
                                               direct objects, indirect objects (use copybook or   
                                               google classroom)
Math 6-2 – IXL rational numbers & converting improper fractions & mixed
                    numerals due Tuesday, 10/03/2023 (links for lessons in Google
Math 6-1 – IXL Identify Rational Numbers & Classify Rational Numbers due
                    Tuesday, 10/03/2023  (links for lessons in Google Clasroom)
Social Studies – study vocab. in copy book
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. I am always here to help you.
God Bless, 
Mrs. Scaglione
(610) 253-8442 Main Office
My name is Kim Scaglione. I am excited to be teaching religion, math, ELA, and social studies to the 6th grade at St. Jane School this year.  I’ve taught math, reading, ELA, and gifted in the public school system, where I earned 17 years of experience educating our future leaders. I possess a B.A. in Psychology with an Honor’s Degree and a minor in History from Cedar Crest College.  Additionally, I earned an MBA and a K-6 teaching certificate from DeSales University. Finally, I am certified in Mid-Level English grades 7-9.