Class 7A

“May all our actions, words, thoughts, and spirit be centered in God, on God, and for God!” ~ Jane Frances de Chantal     


May every day in school be a stepping stone to a future filled with dreams come true!

Sept 25 – Sept 29 

7A Specials:
Monday – Gym; Tuesday – Art; Wednesday – Music; Thursday – Spanish; Friday – Health

(1) Liturgy on Friday

Grade 7

Topic: Nouns/Verbs
Writing: Acrostic
Spelling (7/8):
Test: 9/28

Grade 7

Topic: South Asia
Tasks: WK/Map/Video notes
Test: 10/4

Grade 8

Topic: Mood/clauses
Writing: Acrostic
Test: 10/18

If you have ideas about small class prizes, send it in and I will add to the wish list.

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