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Discipline is the foundation of a well-ordered society.  It must be initially established in the home by parents/guardians and reinforced and built upon during the child’s school years.  The climate presented by faculty and staff expresses the belief that we are all children of a loving and forgiving God.  The essence of Christian discipline is self-discipline.  St. Jane’s School strives to foster growth in self-discipline that supports cooperative behavior through positive reinforcement and provides clear consequences for misbehavior.

The students in grades Kindergarten to eight are developing skills in responsibility, maturity, decision-making, and conflict resolution at varying levels.  Therefore, the degrees of disciplinary action taken are based on the developmental level, age, and maturity of the student.  Each teacher will provide you with an appropriate code of conduct at the beginning of the school year.  The Second Step Program is implemented school-wide as a means of reinforcing positive solutions to resolve conflicts.

Discipline issues can usually be solved through proper communication. It is important for a child to know that your authority and the school authority are one.  If a problem arises, parents and teachers should consult with each other so they can work together to remedy the situation.  When interventions with parent, student, and principal do not remedy the situation, the Disciplinary Committee might convene to resolve the situation.

The education of a student is a partnership between parent and the school.  Just as the parent has the right to withdraw a child if desired, the school administration reserves the right to require the withdrawal of a student if the administration determines that the partnership is irretrievably broken.

For More Information See Page 9 of Student Handbook