Home and School Association

St. Jane Home and School Association (often referred to as the HSA) is a vital link between St. Jane School, the home, and the parish. The HSA is a parent organization at St. Jane School. Its purpose is to establish a strong connection between parents and the school through a variety of initiatives and to assist the school with fundraising needed to help keep tuition affordable. HSA committees support various school events and fundraising activities. Last year the HSA collectively raised over $120,000 and was able to aid Mrs. Okula with purchasing important and necessary items for the school, faculty/staff, and students.

To volunteer, please complete HSA Volunteer Form and send it into school!

SJF 2022-2023 HSA Executive Board:

Msgr. Stephen Radocha, Spiritual Advisor
Mrs. Marybeth Okula, Principal
Meg Wolf, HSA President
Christine Cooperman, HSA Vice President
Krissa Falcone , HSA Secretary
Kristen Altimare, HSA Treasurer


*** Please be sure to sign up for the RaiseRight App to purchase online gift cards! ALL physical gift cards should be purchased through the school or church as done in the past. We are only using the app for digital purchase. Please join the RaiseRight Facebook page and website (www.raiseright.com) - special discounts are announced often! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Stacie Behme ([email protected] or 908.627.4411).
Please DO NOT contact the main office, Mrs. Okula, or the church.***
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*** In lieu of the School Store online fundraiser, we are asking all to "Support Our Teachers" by purchasing items off of their Amazon Wish List 2022 or by sending in an Amazon gift card so teachers can purchase classroom supplies! Thank you for your support and generosity!***
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TBA: AAA Movie Night
Jan. 29th - Feb. 4th: Catholic School Week
TBA: Mad Science Assembly
Jan. - May: Hawk Walk planning meetings

TBA: Sing for America Musical
April 28: HawkWalk
May 1st - 5th: Staff Appreciation Week
TBA: Father - Daughter Dance
June 5th: Field Day