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Dear Families, 

I hope you can make it through this post! There is quite a bit of information, but tons of fun ways to get involved in our school community and meet people! 

  • Monday:   Send in word rings, please0 new words: was, she for
  • Tuesday:      Gym uniforms and Library Books
  • Wednesday:  Library and Spanish 
  • Thursday: Computers
  • Friday:  Music

Scholastic Book Code:YGGMV

Upcoming Dates:

  • January 29:  Beginning of Catholic Schools Week
  • February 3:  12:00 Dismissal – No After Care or Lunch

Upcoming Dates and Activities for Catholic Schools Week: (Brace yourself for a fun and crazy week celebrating Catholic Schools!) 

  • Sunday, January 29:  Mass at 10:00 at our main church to kick off Catholic Schools Week! Join us!
  •  Sunday, January 29: Open House:  11:30-1:30. Come see all the wonderful things your child is doing in our classroom.  If you know someone who may have a child ready for Kindergarten next year, please encourage them to visit during this time.
  • Monday, January 30:  Free N.U.T. day – Wear green and yellow.  Dance Marathon today. Dinner at Keystone pub to support St Jane’s!  (See Mrs. Okula’s email for more info). 
  • Tuesday, January 31:  Children will attend a talk about Vocations. Family rosary in the chapel at 6:30pm. 
  • Wednesday, February 1:  Our class will attend the Book Fair in the morning.  Please be sure to send money in an envelope with your child’s name.  Crazy Hat Day. Multicultural pot luck, 6-7pm/ All welcome. See Mrs. Okula’s newsletter for more info.
  • Thursday, February 2:  Children should wear their Gym uniforms.  100th Day of School! Lots of fun activities planned in our classroom.  It is also Groundhog’s Day.  Will he see his shadow or not?  Kindergarten Olympics in the gym at 10:00.
  • Friday, February 3:  12:00 Dismissal – No After Care or Lunch ; Janer’s movie night in the gym: Encanto! 

Here is what the children will be doing during the week of January 23-27:

RELIGION:  The children will explore ways people help others with their hands.  Ask them about ways they can use their hands They will be inspired to serve others as Jesus did.  They will learn about St. Vincent DePaul.

MATH:  The children will now begin to work with numbers through 20.  They will be able to recognize the numbers, print the numbers correctly, count objects, find a given number on a number line, draw the correct number of objects, use a double ten frame, and draw tally marks for each number.

Your child should now be able to add through 5 with quick recall, identify the position of an object as first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth; recognize what comes next in a given pattern; identify a square, circle, triangle, rectangle, oval, diamond, cube, sphere, rectangular prism, cone, pyramid, and cylinder; and count to 100.  (Some children get confused when counting their teens.  Please listen carefully to your child when they count.)  

LANGUAGE ARTS:  The children will be working with the letters Gg & Kk.  Three new words are being added to their Word Ring: was, she, for.  It is important for your child to be able to identify the beginning and ending sounds in words.  This is an auditory skill.  You could be practicing this with your child in the car, on a walk, during bath time, etc.

We have been spending a lot of time practicing how to “blend” sounds to read words.  At this time, your child should begin to blend 3-letter words and then read them smoothly.  This is a very important skill for children to learn.   As your child is reading the books that are sent home, sometimes they may struggle with some of the words.  Please help your child to read the word and then have your child reread the entire sentence smoothly.

Your child is writing in their Kindergarten Journal each week.  I am so proud of their work!  Some children are able to write a three-four word sentence.  We are now talking about the importance of each sentence beginning with a capital letter, spacing between words, and putting an “ending” mark at the end.  (period, question mark, exclamation point)     

It takes a lot of practice and repetition for a child to be able to store their “sight words/heart words” in their brain.  We practice these words on a daily basis in our small groups and whole group.  Thank you for continuing to practice these words on a daily basis at home.

CENTERS:  1.  Why I love my school writing    2.  Catholic School drawing   3.  Write the Room   4. Mitten Number Lines   5.  Snowman Art   6.  Ten Frames Matching      7.  Syllable Fun   8.  Big Puzzles

SOCIAL STUDIES/SCIENCE:  The children will continue to learn about Polar animals.

Special Note: It is so important that you review and practice any papers that come home in your child’s folder on a daily basis.  Your child is continually learning new skills.  New skills are built on previous skills that have been taught.  Reviewing and practicing your child’s letter and number skills will help them to feel confident in all they do in school.

As always, never hesitate to contact me for anything :). 

Mrs. Pretopapa

Kindergarten Teacher

St. Jane Frances de Chantal School 

[email protected] 

Scholastic Book Club: Class Code (YGGMV )

Our Special Schedule: 

Tues- Art 12:30- 1:10

            Gym 1:10- 1:50

Wed-  Library  8:30- 9:00 

            Spanish 1:10- 1:40

Thurs- Computers 1:15- 1:45

Fri-      Music 1:20-1:50

Kindergarten Websites:



         FALL/SPRING UNIFORMS:  First day of school through Oct. 31 and April 1 till the end of the school year:

  • Children may not wear nail polish, hoop/dangle earrings, or light-up sneakers.  
  • GIRLS:  Tan skort or shorts, green golf shirt with school logo, white socks, white or black sneakers. No belts.
  • BOYS:    Tan shorts, green golf shirt with school logo, white socks, white or black sneakers.  No belts.
  • GYM UNIFORM (Boys and Girls):  Green T-shirt with school logo, black mesh shorts with school logo, white socks, black or white sneakers.  Gym uniform may be worn everyday in Kindergarten.

         WINTER UNIFORMS:  November 1 through March 31:   

  • Children may not wear nail polish, hoop/dangle earrings, or light-up sneakers.
  • GIRLS:  Option 1:  Plaid jumper, white Peter Pan collar long or short sleeve blouse, dark green knee socks/tights, black or brown leather-like non-skid dress shoes.  Option 2:  Tan pants, green golf shirt with school logo, brown, dark green, or tan socks, black or brown leather-like non-skid dress shoes.  No belts, please.  
  • BOYS:  Tan dress pants, green golf shirt with school logo, brown, dark green, or tan socks, black or dark brown leather-like non-skid dress shoes.  No belts, please.
  • Gym Uniform (Boys and Girls):   Green T-shirt with school logo, grey sweatpants with school logo, white socks, white or black sneakers.   Gym uniform may be worn everyday in Kindergarten.

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