PreSchool Information

Since 1982, St. Jane’s PreSchool has been devoted to providing a quality center of Christian learning influenced by current teaching methods.

Our child centered classroom promotes a stimulating and challenging environment where children can grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically as well as spiritually.

Through play and concrete learning, our program prepares children for meeting success in later educational experiences.

Preschool (15)

PreSchool Program

Children who turn four by October 15th may be eligible to attend our preschool class.

The class provides time for free play, group time, art, music, rhythm, religion, fine and gross motor activities, language development, weekly reader, math concepts, manipulative skills, science and social studies, computer skills, health and safety, and structured readiness skills. The program is designed for social adjustment, group participation and cooperation along with concrete readiness activities.

PreSchool Staff

Jennifer Wood - Head Teacher

Phone: 610-253-8442

Email: [email protected]

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Preschool (29)

School Office - 610-253-8442

Email - [email protected]

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